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RMO Studio at Pop Up at the Palm House Market Liverpool

How did RMo Studio come about?

I worked with ceramics in secondary school and college, forgot about it for a number of years and then started at a local night class here in Liverpool in 2016. I work in a very busy role at a university ‘by day’ and, having always been into art and design, I knew a creative outlet would be good for me to help me switch off. My friends and family started asking for pieces, then their friends and family did, and so RMo Studio was formed.

Earlier this year you ran a successful kickstarter to buy a new kiln, can you tell us about your studio set up?

I live in an old pub and am lucky enough to have a cellar that I can use as a studio. The pottery wheel and glazing station are in the cellar, and the kiln is in a custom built kiln shed in the garden. I have to climb a 10ft ladder with fragile items in order to load them into the kiln, which can be a precarious climb at times but I haven’t had many breakages to date (crosses everything as I say that!).

Eventually I’ll move to a more suitable studio space but my home studio is great for the time being.

What's your favourite part of the making process?

That’s a tough one! So much of it is enjoyable. I love making items on the pottery wheel, especially if it’s something I haven’t made before and it takes a few tries to get right.

As a potter, I’m developing my skills all of the time and adjusting my processes and techniques. Some days, I look at the items I’ve made on the wheel in a day and feel so proud of myself; both quantity and quality. Not bad for something that started as a part-time hobby.

I also love seeing finished pieces come out of the kiln, especially where it’s a glaze that I’ve developed or made myself - it’s a gamble that doesn’t always pay off but the relief when it does can be satisfying.

Finally, not exactly part of the making but I adore meeting my customers and suppliers. Because I don’t have a physical store, I only tend to meet people at markets and fairs - everyone is so supportive and lovely, and I’m so grateful to each and every one of them.

Where do you find inspiration?

There are so many creatives in various different industries that inspire me. I love seeing their successes, big and small.

I love it when people make bold decisions with their work; be that a florist using a non-traditional flower, a baker adding smiley faces or slogans to their cakes, or a ceramicist using a bold colour on a vase.

My customers inspire me too. There is no better feeling than receiving a message from someone who likes my work - it gives me motivation and drive when I’m stuck in a rut.

What’s next for RMo Studio?

I’m terrible at planning and after being scorned by my old kiln so many times, I’m nervous about making big plans in case it all goes wrong. I do have my new kiln now, which I’m so grateful for everyone’s support through the Kickstarter, and I’d like to work on developing some new glazes and products now I’m able to fire larger quantities and to higher temperatures.

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